how do we make your technology simple?

At Ellis Entertainment we host a curated suite of products from industry leaders in automation, audio/video, computer networks, hvac control, lighting, shades and security cameras. Our partnership with industry leaders ensures that we have the best new, and more importantly vetted, technology to implement in our customers systems. Simplicity is the key. If it's not easy to use, you simply don't use it.

Below are some of those great products that we feature in our personalized systems.


Savant Home Automation

Savant's premium home automation systems offer personalization features that make the difference between a smart home and a Savant Home. Savant offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your entertainment, lighting, climate and security from a single intuitive app.


Sonos Speakers and Whole House Audio

Sonos speakers are beautifully designed to fill your entire home with music. Use one simple app to stream different tunes in different rooms. Or send one amazing song all through the house.


Luxul Enterprise Class Networks

Luxul is a robust Wi-Fi solution that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller. The secure gateway/firewall combo extends the reach of the enterprise system to route, secure, and manage and optimize your network for performance and reliability.